The cuckoos arrived early!

Four species of cuckoos flew in on the last weekend of July! We’ve been treated to almost constant calling from a couple of Pallid Cuckoos and Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoos. Then we heard Black-eared Cuckoos on the bush block and the following day they’d joined the party at the house, calling loudly but often chased away by Singing Honeyeaters. Not to be left out, the Fan-tailed Cuckoo finally rocked up but hasn’t been as vocal as the other three. Cuckoos normally arrive in spring, so seeing them in late winter was a bit surprising. White-winged Trillers and Hooded Robins have also appeared on the scene.

Throughout spring and summer we had relentless calling from scores of Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters around the house, so it’s a pleasure to have a different bird song stuck in my head.

- Louise.